D7000 back focusing

The D7000 DX body has major back focusing issues. Back focusing is when you use auto focus and the images are out of focus even though the camera meter says that they are in focus. I used to be upset about this until I realized that the reason I was having back focus issues is because I was using FX lenses for DX camera bodies. FX lenses work best for FX full frame bodies. This may sound obvious but all Nikon lens use the same F-mount so you sometimes forget the lenses work best for different camera bodies. You can use an FX lens on a DX body but this means you must fine tune the auto focus. For my FX lenses to be functional I had to fine tune it to -15. Check your camera manual to find out how to fine tune your camera’s auto focus. This is one more reason for me to purchase a full frame FX body.