They dont know my work.

Early voting, standing in the line.

About a three hour wait, they said.

Still waiting.

When you think you’ve made some progress you get to another room with more lines.

I watched people walk into the building, see the snaking line, then walk right back out like they left something. Split second decisions because they don’t like to wait.

I’m not tripping though.

I brought my Kindle with me and my phone battery is only in the yellow. Yellow is just as good as green when you have an EVO which is usually in the red.

Looking around at all of these people and thinking to myself that most of them don’t know TYP. They don’t know about my work.

I always get these feelings when I am around a large group of people. I have to work harder. What can I do to introduce them to my world?

My mind is ticking.