I used to hold a mop for a living

Most people don’t know this but I used to hold a mop for a living. I was a janitor for the Social Security daycare center in Baltimore. I was also a janitor at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland which is a 45 min drive to and from Baltimore. I learned how to use a floor buffer which is not easy. I worked just about every job you could imagine.

You can say that I have been a hard worker since a very young age. The thing about it is that I didn’t know that I was working hard. I just knew that I was doing what needed to be done. I was emulating my mother’s work ethic.

The thing I hated most about working as a janitor is the way people looked and treated me. They treated me as if I was sub-human. Working these jobs taught me how to treat people better. Or should I say that it reinforced the lessons that my mother taught me.

This post was inspired by Julian Castro’s keynote speech at the Democratic National  Convention 2012. I used to hold a mop for a living. Just thought I would share.