No Twitpics!

I am writing this post exclusively for models in the DMV.

Today I got a chance to review photos from about 90 models for an upcoming photo project.

About 87 percent of the photos sent by models in the area were unusable. They consisted of blurry photos, twit-pics, fb bathroom shots and girls showing way too much cleavage. I’m sure these people meant well but they will be overlooked for this project.

grey No Twitpics! A professional head shot will make you stand out and can be the deciding factor for getting paid work, especially in Baltimore where the talent pool is very thin.

In Germany and other parts of the world people are required to send headshots along with their resumes when applying for a job position.

Most people wouldn’t wear tribal themed makeup to a job interview. The same applies when sending your image for a casting call. Think of a casting call as a brief job interview.

No-no’s for casting call image submissions.

Heavy makeup
Casting directors need to see what your face really looks like.

Distracting pieces of clothing.
You cannot go wrong with a black top.

Excessive cleavage For the ladies
This issue actually came up in the casting meeting. If you asked me last week to name top things that will get a model overlooked I wouldn’t have thought of cleavage. However, this is a valid point.  You learn something new everyday.

Old photos.
The photos you send to the model call must be recent and up-to-date.  The model selection process is long and tedious. So if you show up to a shoot and look nothing like your photo there could be some problems.

Excessive Photoshop.
Once again the casting director wants to see what you look like flaws and all.

Paying modeling jobs in the DMV can be scarce so it is important you don’t eliminate yourself by sending photos that don’t work.