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grey A Night In DCLast night I had to cover an event in DC. Had a great time even though I was working. I follow Bill Cunningham’s theories about event coverage. I don’t eat the food or drink the drinks if I can help it. Not there to party. There to take pics.

Ran into another photographer there and he explained how sometimes he likes to get ‘shit-faced’ when covering an event. His logic was that if he was drunk he could relate to the drunk people on a different level. Hey man, whatever works for you. The photographer was a cool dude though. I gave him my card.

I used a Nikon SB-910 Speedlight on this shoot. My first time testing it out in the field and it performed great.

I wasn’t sure I was going to have it for this shoot though. I was sweating because I ordered the items from Amazon last week but they didn’t show up yet. And at 7pm, when it was dark outside, the UPS guy finally shows up. Not sure what I would have done if the package didn’t get here. I would have figured something out, I guess. Professionals can’t crack under pressure.

The SB-910 comes with an amazing warm filter. The final result looks awesome! The warm filter also takes the intensity away from the flash. This means that people become used to the flash throughout the night. It also doesn’t blind them so there are less blinking people in the final images. Lastly, it minimizes that hard, direct light that I hate so much.

I bought a cheap Speedlight octabox for this event–the ones that you slip on over the flash head. It didn’t perform well. I stopped using it after a few pictures.

The company provided a shot list for the event. When I get a list I make sure to cover everything they need early in the event. For the rest of the night I just do my thing. Intuition and sometimes luck being prepared allow me to capture great images.

I had to take a picture of the line forming outside of the venue. I wanted to show the full scale of the line so I knew I had to get elevated. My assistant pointed out this metal box-thing. I handed her my camera and climbed the box-thing to get the shot.

There were a lot of unique people there. One guy had a cabaret mask on. The people there were dressed really well. This event makes me envy the DC nightlife. I have to cover the same event again in Baltimore next week. Let’s hope that there is hope for Bmore.

Met a beautiful girl with great hair. I asked if I could take her photo one day. I gave her my card. I hope she reaches out.

They had a cool cover band at the event that had some of the people dancing. Got some great party shots.

Other highlights of the night consisted of the bartender pouring whiskey straight into the mouths of the patrons. That was very interesting.

The most challenging part of the night was this one dude that insisted on photo-bombing as many photos as he could. He said “Dude, I want to be all over the fucking Internet!“ Haha. People are funny.

I was on autopilot last night, I was in the zone, so I wasn’t really sure how the pictures turned out until I finally uploaded the photos to my computer. The photos turned out really well so it inspired me to write this post.

grey GradDai at SoundstageKato Ceaser of Grad Dai does back-flip off stage during live performance.