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Finally, after months of waiting, and almost forgetting the spread was scheduled for print, my shoot with up-and-coming fashion designer Bishme Cromartie was released in the September issue of Relapse magazine. Worst part about shooting for print is the wait. The key is to shoot for print continuously so you can get a conveyor belt of magazine releases.

grey Relapse Magazinegrey Relapse Magazine

grey Relapse Magazine

grey Relapse Magazine

Couture : Bishme Cromartie :: Model : Ashley Irvin @ Ford Models
Hair : Chicara :: Makeup : Meagan Shea :: Photographer : Glenford Nunez

grey Featured in The Washington Post

The Washington post was another great addition to my résumé.

“The turning point came when he received an opportunity to take photos for a magazine at New York Fashion Week last fall. After being “caught up in the glitz and glam,” Nunez knew there was no turning back. “That atmosphere just said, ‘I gotta get out of here, this is not what I want to do — I want to become a photographer,’ ”

The Washington Post