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I am going to pick up the new The Sartorialist: Closer book by Scott Schuman

I think the images in the book will inspire me for a new project that I am working on. The shoot is large scale production. The details of this project are still a secret but if you are in the area you may get a glance of my work in the next few months.

grey The Sartorialist: Closer


I found out about the book on Facebook via a post made by Bryan Boy Fashion blogger. I followed the link and ended up on his blog. Oh the power of the Internet. I wish I could get Bryan Boy to review the Coiffure Project. I need to send the project to more taste makers. Word of mouth type is key. How do I get more eyes to see the project?

The cover caught my attention. It seems like the Satorialist always has perfectly exposed photos. There is always the perfect amount of depth of field. I think this is because he uses a Neutral Density filter to dim the light so he can work at wide open apertures.

Can’t wait to get my hands on the book! Waiting for Barnes and Noble to open.

Here is a great video about the Sartorialist.