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grey The gatekeepers have left their posts.

The creatives have rushed the gateway. The gatekeepers have left their post. We have a secret weapon called the World Wide Web. There is no reason to be a starving artist anymore. We have access to the WORLD!

I think Yeezy put it best.

“There’s a thousand yous, there’s only one of me.”

One person with my style. One person with my perspective and vision.
This is what I do. They need me. If you don’t feel my work then we aren’t the right fit.
I will find someone who will take me as I am.

Funny how the same things go for personal relationships. There is someone for everyone, even in business.

This is why I would give my exclusive work away to a start-up blog for free rather than have someone pay me to take pictures. Paychecks bring perusal – my SAT word of the day – and it’s difficult to do good work under the watchful eye of Sauron.

I know it can be hard when you have to eat but if you can find a way to alter your situation, so money is not an object to be held over your head, you will have complete and total control.

All of this only applies if your work is great. If not then you have to get better. You have to become unique, you have to become great. Then, the world is yours.

GoDaddy has been hacked! Millions of sites are down. Most people go choose GoDaddy because they do not know any better. Others choose GoDaddy because it is the cheapest alternative. I learned early that you never go with GoDaddy. They are the giant. Giants can be arrogant because they are big. Hackers go after the giants and easy targets.

I don’t usually blog about current events but this one hits home. Before I was a photographer I was a freelance web developer. I know the horrors that can happen from an unsecured site. It still terrifies me to even think about it. You can try to CYA (Cover your ass) but the truth is that all sites can be hacked because they we are all connected by the worldwide web. So when you go with the cheapest alternative to save a little cash you are asking for trouble later down the line. Most of the complaints I have seen talk about how much money the small businesses are going to lose.

Pay for secure web development (not cheap) now or pay later but you will always have to pay.

grey Only backpacker with a chip like hackers   Yeezy

Angelina Jolie “Hackers” (1995)

Maybe the mainstream wasn’t ready for web development. Maybe the average Joe shouldn’t do web. This is what happens when non web developers try to make their own sites.

Sometimes it’s better to pay for a service. You can’t shouldn’t do everything yourself.

Whenever I hear of a site being hacked I always think of a verse by Kanye West “Only backpacker with a chip like hackers”. He said this on a Talib Kweli track called “In the Mood”.
Yeezy was talking about the 1995 movie Hackers starring Angelina Jolie & some dude. But I digress.

Long story short. Don’t host with GoDaddy. If you need help on building a website, find a web developer. Like photographers, good web developers are not cheap and you get what you pay for.