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What is the purpose of makeup?
Some say to enhance beauty. Ahhggh, but What is beauty? I guess its all relative.
To me, beauty is natural. No additives.

Got an email today from a makeup artist who wanted to work with me. I realized that I have not used a makeup artist in my shoots for the last few months. I prefer not having a makeup artist. Here are some reasons why.

grey The Art of No Makeup Artistry.

Nyasha Great Skin No Makeup.


It takes too long. 
Makeup application takes way to long. I am always anxious to shoot. I want to get started right away.

Great models. 
I try my very best to find great models with good skin. I didnt say tall or skinny or slim. I look for great models with unique features and good skin.

Looks unnatural.
This is my personal opinion but makeup looks unnatural to me. There are a very few makeup artists that I have worked with that can pull off the flawless look. This means not using a lot of makeup because the model doesn’t need it. Sometimes you get those weird laugh line creases and I can see the non-pores later in post production. You see everything when the face is blown up to 100%. Most people will say that you will never see a photo at 100% but indeed you do when you print a photo.

Most of the time I use natural sunlight to shoot. You can see the difference when a models real skin absorbs the sunlight vs heavy makeup.

Bump Heads
Most MUA’s are looking for beauty work. I do not do beauty shots. And if I did it would be with a beautiful model with flawless skin. Beauty work is 97% Photoshop.

We also bump heads on the concept. My vision may be different from theirs and there is always some sort of compromise.

The truth is that I do not like compromise.

This is why I work by myself. I have an idea for the direction of my photography and business. Others have their own direction  My path is working for me but that does not mean that it will work for the next person.

Hard to find good help.
All of the best MUA’s are always booked because, well,  they are the best! I have one go-to girl that I will use if a MUA is necessary but she is doing her thing. Always busy. I rather go without than to have a sub-par MUA on the job. 

Post production.
Most of the time I will leave skin “imperfections” alone but if necessary it only  takes seconds in Photoshop to remove any blemishes.

A Phase. 
It may just be a phase I am going through my photography art always changes depending on how I feel. Take everything I said with a grain of salt because I am always changing my mind.