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When shooting portraits the eyes are most important especially for close ups. A subject looking away or off camera ads a sense of mystery. If you are shooting a celeb and you want to break down this mystery wall have them look into the camera. Eye contact is a mofo.

This makes me think about feudal japan – or feudal anywhere for that matter – where it was improper to look some one of an elevated status in the eye.

What does feudal mean?

So one way to show status is have the subject looking off camera. Away from the peasants. Dont look at me. I’m important.

Conversely if you want to make a connection have the subject looking into the camera. But not dumb though. They have to be relaxed because the camera picks up everything.

Reading this book called. … It is PDF form online. I stumbled on it when I was searching for the meaning of study drawing.

Drawing books are cool for learning how to draw but also for photography. There are some hidden lessons in this books that will help with your light drawing.

The basic art principles are the same but the tools are different. The formula for a beautiful image will always be the formula. I haven’t figured the formula out yet. I can’t articulate the formula yet. A lot of what I do comes with intuition and gut feelings but as I read more books I often have an aha moment. The author was able to write down exactly what I was thinking.

They say that a great writer is a great thinker. This means that I do not understand my craft enough. When I get a full grasp of what the flip I am doing I will be able to write about it,

There are two types of portraiture. Formal and informal.

I always preferred informal because it is true. I like see real people do real stuff. This may prove difficult if you have a client who wants to be seen as someone else, somebody they are not.

Picked up the herb Ritz book again. I always buy photo books but I never really appreciate them until months after the purchase.

Ritz was a beast at mixing the formal portrait with the informal. This perfect mix is an aspiration for me.

Just some random thoughts that can’t fit into a tweet…