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Purchasing Google ad-words is waste of money. You will get better results spending your money on SEO For 2012: Search Engine Optimization Secrets

grey Dont Get Got!This SEO book will teach you how to figure out who your target audience is. It will give you the tools to effectively reach out to those people.

My website is on page one of Google when you search for Baltimore photographer. It is number two on the list. The number one spot is held by a website who’s URL is literally Baltimorephotographer.com.

It is hard to compete with that but I will find a way to get to the number one spot.

There was a time when you could not find my website on Google at all. My site was on page twenty or something. I don’t think anyone digs that deep into Google.

The point is that learning about SEO works. There is no shortcut. Raising your site in the Google search results takes time.

Most small business do not optimize their websites for better Google traffic. This means that you will be found on Google more often than your competitors.

Don’t get got by Google Ad-words.