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Discovered that some of my work can be found on ffffound.com
This is big news to me because this site is like a secret organization.

grey Found on ffffound.com Hype!

The Coiffure Project mockup came in the mail today!

Here are a few pics. grey Its OVER 9000!!!

grey Its OVER 9000!!!

grey Its OVER 9000!!!

grey Its OVER 9000!!!

I have always been super hype about this project but after holding this book in my hand my level is over 9000! (That last statement was a Dragon Ball Z reference. I added a visual aid for the non cool people.)

Early voting, standing in the line.

About a three hour wait, they said.

Still waiting.

When you think you’ve made some progress you get to another room with more lines.

I watched people walk into the building, see the snaking line, then walk right back out like they left something. Split second decisions because they don’t like to wait.

I’m not tripping though.

I brought my Kindle with me and my phone battery is only in the yellow. Yellow is just as good as green when you have an EVO which is usually in the red.

Looking around at all of these people and thinking to myself that most of them don’t know TYP. They don’t know about my work.

I always get these feelings when I am around a large group of people. I have to work harder. What can I do to introduce them to my world?

My mind is ticking.

grey Love from The Nublk

“The series is brilliant, simple, full of grace and breathless elegance. Each of the portraits has a unique flair and a strong personality, and tells a beautiful story.” – The Nublk

Tonight is the opening reception for the Skin exhibit at the Strathmore Mansion.
The exhibit will feature images from the Coiffure Project. This is my first gallery exhibition and I am super excited.

The gallery reception happens to fall on the same night of the Best of Baltimore party. I won Best Photography Project for the Coiffure Project. I would like to be at both events but the Strathmore is about 45 minutes away from Baltimore. I’m not sure how I am going to pull it off. I was thinking about sending someone to the Baltimore’s Best Party to represent TYP and myself.

Some would say that having two events honoring your work on the same night is a good problem to have. I am grateful.

grey Best of Baltimore 2012

Best Photography Series

Glenford Nunez’s TYP Photography Studio’s The Coiffure Project


TYP Photography Studio, 11 N. Eutaw St., (410) 660-5134Local fashion photographer Glenford Nunez has shot some slick fashion spots for the likes of Relapsemagazine and The Washington Post, but images that we just can’t turn away from fill up his Coiffure Project series. The idea is brilliantly simple: attention-grabbing photographs of black women with their natural hair. Nunez appears to be a detail-oriented photographer, as both his black-and-white and color images bear the mark of an eye attuned to how light is going to play off eyes, skin, and hair, and the results are striking photos of black women that are simultaneously fashion magazine-glamorous and 1968 raised-fist politically potent.

grey Best of Baltimore 2012

Best Photography Series


I went by the Strathmore to drop off the last two prints for the Skin exhibit. It was the first time that I saw my large prints mounted on the wall. The two prints looked amazing. I had to leave out of there before I got emotional. I set out to be an artist and that is exactly what I am doing. Maybe this exhibit will open up some new doors for me.


Harriet Lesser the curator for the show gave me a bunch of promo temporary tattoos. Harriet is super nice and she has been working with me tirelessly to get the work posted. September 20th is a big day for me and my career. But like Pai Mei from Kill Bill Vol: 2 would say “THAT’S THE BEGINNING!”


grey Firsts are always a cause for celebration!

5 Page spread in Sheen Magazine. My first print publication.
Sheen magazine is showcasing images from The Coiffure Project.
Firsts are always a cause for celebration but this is still the beginning. Still more work to be done!

grey Kinkos called me two weeks later

I ordered this print from Kinkos about two weeks ago. I totally forgot about it. I got a phone call today saying it was ready.

grey Featured in The Washington Post

The Washington post was another great addition to my résumé.

“The turning point came when he received an opportunity to take photos for a magazine at New York Fashion Week last fall. After being “caught up in the glitz and glam,” Nunez knew there was no turning back. “That atmosphere just said, ‘I gotta get out of here, this is not what I want to do — I want to become a photographer,’ ”

The Washington Post

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