They shut down my Model Mayhem account

grey They shut down my Model Mayhem accountI’m going to try to keep this story as short as possible. A photographer was stealing my work and using it as his own on Model Mayhem. The same rapist guy I mentioned in a previous post. See here.

I flagged the image for copyright violation and a MM moderator removed the image from his page and cancelled his account. Everything was cool until a separate moderator jumped into the convo and pointed out that I only had one image on my account. They informed me that the minimum was four.

I only have one image because one of my favorite photographers on MM does the same. I felt that the impact of one great image is more powerful than 4+ ok images. I’m not going to say the photographer just in case MM reads this and tries to hunt them down.

I told them to delete me if it was going to be an issue. Finally, they sent me a deactivation link and closed the thread. I thought I won the battle because they left things up to me. I was wrong. I got an email this morning saying that my account had been deactivated. They said I can reactivate my account whenever I wanted but, I won’t be going back.

I must admit I am being stubborn but MM is a breeding ground for mediocrity. When I say mediocrity, I mean sameness; everything looks the same. There was a time when the site was useful but, with social networking, I have a hard time seeing its value.

Depending on who you asked, MM could be considered a soft porn site. There are a lot of shady photographers that prey on young girls’ dreams to become a top model. “Take your top off and you will be a star.” It reminds me of that one scene in the movie Fame.

I won’t lie. I’m a little salty. I felt like the work on my profile was adding some credibility to their site. But it is obvious their main concern isn’t about quality. MM is a good starting point for people new to the industry but I think it’s time for me to move forward.

I added a screen shot of the convo. What would you have done?

grey They shut down my Model Mayhem account