Its a Wrap!

It’s a wrap! My work week is ending when everyone else’s begins. It has been a full week of shooting for my first commercial client in Baltimore City. We shot seven days instead of the projected five days. This happened because we were able to take photos while we were scouting. I did not mind because I rather get the shots done early rather than to rush on the tail end. The third shoot day was the most challenging because we had to fit multiple shots in one day. We had to do this because the forecast called for rain. This was a little hectic but overall things went smoothly. Other challenging things about the shoot were some of the locations. I had to climb a church bell tower and stand in the middle of a highway to get some of the shots. I didn’t die so it is safe to say that those challenges ended well.
I met a lot of great people during the shoot including the Dean of Johns Hopkins and his wife. We photographed their house for this project.